Welcome to Millais School

In this short online program, we will talk you through everything you need to know about starting at Millais School this coming term.

  • 1

    Welcome to Millais

    • Welcome to Millais!

    • Welcome from the Headteacher

    • Welcome video from the Headteacher

    • Welcome from Mrs Jago, Director of Transition

    • Moving to Millais

  • 2

    Getting Ready to Start : Part One

    • Your Uniform

    • Watch: Your Uniform

    • QUIZ: Uniform

    • End of this chapter

  • 3

    Getting Ready to Start : Part Two

    • Welcome Back to Millais!

    • Getting ready to start ...

    • Your Equipment List...

    • QUIZ: What you need to bring each day

    • Travelling to School


    • The School Day

    • End of this chapter

  • 4

    Getting Ready to Start: Part Three

    • Welcome back to our online course

    • Timetable

    • The areas of the school

    • Thinking about your first day

    • Meet some of our current Year 8s sharing their experiences from their first day.

    • Making Friends

    • Homework...

    • Homework Quiz

    • 'Break Time' Come and meet some friendly faces!

    • End of this Section

  • 5

    Getting ready to start: Part Four

    • Welcome back to our online course

    • Break Time: Virtual Tour

    • 'Break Time' Let's hear from one of our old students...

    • Y7 Computing in action

    • Y7 Drama in action

    • The Student Lockers...

    • 'Break Time' Let's find out about lockers

    • Y7 Music Performance from 2020

    • Y7 Music in action

    • Science in action

    • Millais Values: Dr Lodwick

  • 6

    2022 Online Induction : Our final chapter

    • Au Revoir from Millais (for now)

    • For more general information about getting ready for Secondary school please follow this link to BBC Bitesize: Starting Secondary School